Solid Alliance DX USB2.0 hub with suicide bombing button

Solid Alliance Corporation has come out with a unique USB2.0 hub. The DX USB2.0 hub comes with a suicide bombing button. Does it sound crazy? Well after few operations with buttons, when you press the emergency button explosion sound is heard from your PC speaker. This crazy USB2.0 hub comes with 4 USB2.0 ports and is powered via USB port. You can use it as a standard USB hub and for fun or action press the emergency button. The hub is compatible with OS Windows XP, and Mac OS X.

solid_2.jpgWe feel every Government office must go for this USB hub? The DX USB2.0 from Solid Alliance Corporation measures 100×76×67mm,weighs 215g and is available from July 26th for 5,250 Yen($45).
Via Solidalliance (Japanese)