Sony unveils ultra-fast ODS-D77U Optical Disc drive unit

Sony today expanded line-up of Optical Disc Archive systems with the new ODS-D77U drive unit. The Sony ODS-D77U brings high speed reading and writing capabilities, being able to achieve a maximum of over 1Gbps – more than twice that of Sony’s ODS-D55U. The ODS-D77U also features a high speed standard USB 3.0 interface for fast and easy connections, while the ODS-D77F features a high speed fiber channel connection to support the new Optical Disc scalable PetaSite libraries and storage management software providers.

In an effort to make the ODS-D77U more user-friendly, Sony will also include an updated version of its graphical user interface titled Content Manager 2.0. This bundled application supports more formats and features, has improved metadata operation and more.

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