Super Talent 128GB SATA SSD World’s first to earn Works with Windows Vista logo certification

Super Talent 128GB SATA SSD is the world’s first to earn Works with Windows Vista and Designed for Microsoft Windows XP logo certifications. Super Talent’s SSDs (solid-state drives) are data storage devices that use NAND Flash memory as the storage medium. SSDs have lower power consumption, faster performance, and are lighter, less noisy, and more durable when compared to conventional hard disk drives. Replacing HDDs with SSDs is easy since they are 100% compatible. While standard spinning HDDs are the first to fail in extreme conditions, an SSD drive is an asset. SSDs are durable, reliable, and bring unparalleled performance to your system.

Utilizing high density industrial grade NAND Flash chips, Super Talent now has high capacity SSDs – up to 256GB. To ensure utmost reliability, Super Talent has built-in advantages such as proprietary wear leveling algorithms, a patented flash controller, and bad bit management.