Super Talent Announces 1333MHz DDR3 Memory

Super Talent Technology, today announced a new line of extreme performance 1333MHz and 1066MHz DDR3 modules. These JEDEC compliant 1GB modules and 2GB kits are designed specifically for the new InteP35 “Bearlake” platform, and have already been validated on multiple P35 motherboards. These modules are clad in Super Talent’s custom black cast aluminum HE heat spreaders for optimum thermal performance. These DDR3 products are designed, built and tested in Super Talent’s San Jose, California headquarters. Every Super Talent module built is hand tested in a motherboard under load to ensure the highest level of reliability.

These products are all sampling now, and will be shipping in volume in June. W1066UX2G7(2GB) is expected to retail for approximately $489.