Super Talent improved MasterDrive SSDs outpace the fastest hard drives in the world

Super Talent has dramatically improved the write speeds of its MasterDrive DX, MasterDrive KX and MasterDrive MX solid state drives (SSDs). These three series of SSDs already boast exceptionally fast read speeds of up to 120 MB/sec. But, fast write speeds are important in applications such as video editing and encoding, image processing, compressing and extracting files, installing applications and copying files to the drive. These newly revised SSDs categorically outpace the fastest hard drives in the world.

Super Talent MasterDrive series SSDs now support much faster read and write speeds ( 120/100 MB/sec-DX series) and faster seek and access times than the speediest hard drives. MasterDrive series SSDs use less power in both active and standby modes, and produce less heat and are completely silent. The 60GB and 120GB models support slightly faster write speeds than 15GB and 30GB models.