Synthax Japan announces Limited Edition of Lacquer RME Babyface

To commemorate the second anniversary of the launch of USB Audio Interface “Babyface” of RME Germany in Japan, Synthax Japan today announced limited edition of Lacquer Baby face for sale. The 50 units of limited edition will be sold only in MI7 Japan online store and will be discontinued upon reaching the limited number. This special Japanese model will be available from January 28th for approximately ¥ 98,000 ($1101). Synthax has started accepting orders from today. Lacquer Babyface is a premium craftsmanship and Japanese technology RME that embodies the “German craftsmanship which was applied to the housing lacquer of the” Phoenix “was Ikashi the distinctive design is a fusion of The dish “.

babyface_limited_editionSprinkled with gold dust and the size of the grain is different according to the picture drawn in to the surface coating of adhesive lacquer.The limited edition of Babyface comes in an exclusive paulownia wood box. Babyface lacquer product specifications are the same as normal Babyface. Metallic Silver model l was launched in January 2011, and in November the same year Synthax added two colors of pastel pink / Snow White in limited quantity.RME BabyFace is a USB 2.0 audio interface from RME in Germany. BabyFace is a beautifully stylish interface, offering a raft of features in an extremely compact and ergonomic design.

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