Thanko Blue Fish USB Mouse Pad Warmer

The USB mouse pad from Thanko is very different from ordinary mouse pads. This blue fish glove type mouse pad can also be used as a palm warmer .Surprised! The glove type mouse pad comes with a USB connector and a switch. The switch can be turned on/off as per your wish –no need to pull the USB cable from PC every time you want to use the warmer. Enjoy computing with warmness during winter with this unique product.

he pad can be used with an USB AC charger also (without PC). What to do when you are not using the mouse pad? Simple- Use it to protect your mouse from dust etc.The Thanko Blue Fish USB Mouse Pad Warmer measures approximately 290 x 300mm, USB cables: 120cm.This unique Thanko product is available for approximately 2480 Yen ($20).
Via Thanko (Japanese)