The Latest In Business Laptops For The Mobile Office

Toshiba_business_laptopsThere’s a shift happening in the business world. While many people are still working their 9-5 shifts before a desktop in a cubicle, there are a growing number of professionals who aren’t. In an increasingly mobile and flexible world, individuals are looking to adapt to their evolving workspaces. With non-traditional work environments on the rise, many are looking to workstation laptops. As a powerful yet portable device, it’s the latest in computing technology that balances processing with mobility.

Though business professionals can expect to be working far from their cubicles, they still need the power of a desktop to work with them. Advancements in technology allow workstations to match a desktop in its abilities. Its hardware is mighty for its size, as its storage space, graphics, and memory is equivalent to that of the typical desktop. Powerful 4th Generation Intel® Core ™ i7 vPro™ processors run Windows 7 Professional (upgradeable to Windows 8.1) and NVIDIA Quadro K2100M graphics cards with ease. Backed by a possible 32GB of DDR3l 1600 memory, workstations can operate any advanced architectural, engineering, or design programmes and applications that a business professional may need.

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All of this can now come in a small package. Many years have passed since notebooks were first released, when they were more akin to clunky and heavy briefcases than the laptops that we know of today. Workstation notebooks can now pack their powerful processing into a lightweight and super thin design crafted specifically for the mobile worker in mind. They can fit into any carry-on luggage for those frequent fliers, and they’re light enough to be carried to an off-site location.

These innovative workstations have made BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) a possibility; however, many businesses are wary of the security risks that BYOD pose. It is true that mobility increases the chances of a security breach, should a mobile worker not follow safety procedures; but the latest workstations from trustworthy computer specialists have built-in security features like the Toshiba safeguard technology. With a fingerprint reader and a client manager system, its data is protected wherever it’s taken. To learn more about how mobile devices can remain secure on the go, check out Here you’ll learn that security is a valued feature of workstations, just like its processing power.
Toshiba_W50-A1500The ultra-thin, sleek workstation has the ability to operate memory-draining applications with ease. Its long list of powerful capabilities and simple mobility makes the workstation an ideal laptop for those business professionals whose work takes them far from a desktop computer. For those who spend their workday out of the office, there’s no better notebook.

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