Thermaltake launches New Toughpower SFX Series compatible with ATX 3.0 standards

Thermaltake recently announced their latest addition to the PSU lineups, the Toughpower SFX series. The Toughpower SFX series is fully modular and compatible with Intel’s ATX 3.0 specifications, which allows users to run the latest RTX40 series graphics cards natively via the new 12+4 pin PCIe Gen 5 connector. In addition, it can pump up to 600W of power over a single 12+4 cable, providing you with reliable and uninterrupted power.

The Toughpower SFX series’s components have been massively upgraded to meet ATX 3.0 standards, guaranteeing up to 70% efficiency at 2% load and complies with power supply timing standards, ensuring a silky smooth experience even at full load. Packed with 100% high-quality 105 °C Japanese capacitors, the SFX series is made even more durable and stable than ever before. The built-in Smart Zero Fan (750W&850W: 92mm; 1000W: 120mm) makes absolutely no noise at all when running under 30% load. The Toughpower SFX series features low ripple noise, strict voltage regulation, and extended hold-up time.

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The Toughpower SFX series promises ±2% voltage regulation compared with Intel’s standard +5%, -7%, and ±10% for -12V. Last but not least, the 17ms hold-up time will prevent system from rebooting and makes sure the system still runs perfectly even with a brief interruption. The Thermaltake Toughpower SFX series’s dimension for your reference. 750W & 850W: 125mm(W)x63.5mm(H)x100mm(D); 1000W: 125mm(W)x63.5mm(H)x126mm(D). Toughpower SFX power supply lineup will be available to purchase worldwide in middle of November for – 750W: $ 159.99 ,850W: $ 179.99 and 1000W: $ 234.99.

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