Thermaltake Bach Vx and Soprano Dx chassis

Thermaltake Technology introduced its new chassis Bach Vx and Soprano Dx in 2007 International CES held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bach Vx is elegant and sophisticated, achieved through the perfect contrast of stylish accent curves on the top and bottom of front bezel. Moreover, brushed aluminum covered plastic bezel with accent of piano surface finish CD-ROM cover and border along with the intricate manufacturing process that makes up the front bezel display an unmatched aesthetic appeal. The contours of Soprano Dx render a streamlined fusion of delicate curve and futuristic depth appeal. Brushed aluminum with piano surface finish and a touch of weightless blue LED light further enhances the chic design to embody a cool and calm sensation that allows the chassis to set itself apart from the traditional boxy and edgy computer chassis. Four 5.25” Drive Bays, two exposed 3.5” Drive Bays and five hidden 3.5” HDD Bays are the standard features in both the chassis.

In addition, eSATA port is placed on top for easy access along with two USB 2.0 and HD Audio ports. Tool-less mounting mechanism found on PCI slot and bay drives all comes standard with these two chassis. Thermaltake Bach Vx and Soprano Dx both design in a 14cm intake fan along with a 12cm exhaust fan for maximum heat dissipation. Placement of 14cm intake fan directs cool air precisely at graphic cards to remove excess heat. Unique styling combined with uncompromising flexibility, Bach Vx and Soprano Dx are designed to deliver the ultimate computing experience.