Thermaltake Cyclo LED fans with Real-time temperature and Noise level display

Thermaltake Technology announced the launching of Cyclo Series of specialized fan designed with performance characteristic and attractive LED. Cyclo Series fans will be available in two categories, Logo and Pattern, both with 120mm x 120mm and 80mm x 80mm specification. During operation, Cyclo Logo Series fan utilizes the build-in LED placed uniquely to display.Complimented with blue LED in background to further enhance the overall aesthetic quality. Cyclo Pattern Series fans are available in Blue or Red. Both fans will display over ten playful patterns during operation utilizing the build-in LEDs.The Thermaltake 12cm Logo fan (A2460) and 8cm Logo fan (A2461) with Rotating and dancing “Thermaltake” Logo in red LED also displays Real-time temperature & Noise level.

Both 120mm and 80mm fans are engineered with low-noise bearing mechanism to minimize overall noise output at 17dBA and 19dBA, and the transparent shield cover not only protects user from being accidentally hurt by the fan blade but also extending reliable life span of the fan.
With the launch of Thermaltake Cyclo Series fans, computer enthusiasts will be able to further enhance their unique PC.