Thermaltake DDR RAM Cooler Spirit RS

As DDR memories are getting bigger and faster, the heat output by these memory units are progressively going up as well. The new DDR RAM Cooler – the Spirit RS from Thermaltake addresses this problem to a great extent. The Thermaltake Spirit RS heat sink is separated into two compartments – the area that comes in contact with the chipset is made of extruded aluminum to effectively transfer the heat to the heat pipes. The heat pipes then transfers the heat towards the aluminum fins on top of the unit. The thermal efficiency of the Spirit RS is extremely high and can quickly cool off the memory module. In addition, the heat pipe and the heat sink are adjustable in angle so that the users can install them however way they would like to minimize compatibility issues and increase performance efficiency.

The Spirit RS can be used on DDR and DDR2 memory modules and includes two separate contact patches to maximize compatibility among single-sided and double-sided memory modules. The Thermaltake Heatpipe Memory Cooler Spirit RS measures 153 x8.5 x 90 mm and weighs 90g.