Thermaltake Digital Home PC Chassis with 7 inch Touch Screen front LCD display

Thermaltake upgraded Digital Home PC Chassis DH103 and DH104, offers improved expansibility to fulfill the extreme home theater builders’ demands in the high-end HTPC market. The upgraded Thermaltake DH103 and DH104 are not only beautifully designed with high quality piano coating exterior, but the internal structure and thermal modules have also overturned the common impression of limited spacing and ineffective thermal solutions towards home theater PC chassis. Thermaltake DH103 Home Theater PC is designed with the latest LCD Display that not only supports multiple languages, but also allows different display selections with its blue glowing background. Thermaltake DH104 Home Theater PC comes with the hottest 7 inch Touch Screen front LCD display, bringing all the media function controls easy and fast at user’s fingertips.

The high performance thermal management and multifunction supports of DH 103 / DH 104 Home Theater PC Chassis will definitely be the best choice to build your own digital living environment with high-tech fashion and aesthetic elegance.