Thermaltake DuOrb AX VGA cooler cools twice as fast than traditional coolers

Thermaltake has launched a new series of twin fan power VGA cooler DuOrb AX for VGA cards like NVIDIA 8600 GTS/GT, 7600 GT/GS and ATI HD 3850 etc. Thermaltake DuOrb AX has been created with the effective cooling construction as the original DuOrb VGA cooler, 2 copper heat pipes penetrating aluminum fins with copper base. The mirror coating copper base and copper heat pipes effectively transfer the VGA heat to the two separate sourced heat radiating fins. As a result, the DuOrb series coolers cool twice as fast and efficient than the traditional coolers.

The aluminum fins of DuOrb AX gives the DuOrb series a new futuristic shine. Check out the new Thermaltake DuOrb AX VGA cooler with widened compatibility and new look, and fit yourself in the world of top DIY enthusiasts!