Thermaltake eco-friendly QFan Power Supplies are 80 PLUS Certified!

Thermaltake announced its eco-friendly power supply series, Toughpower QFan 500W/650W and TR2 QFan 300W/350W/400W/450W/500W, all certified by 80 PLUS Energy Efficiency Program in March 2008. The 80 PLUS program certifies PSUs that have 80% or higher energy efficiency rate at 20%, 50%, and 100% of loading, plus power factor of 0.9 or greater. This requirement makes a computer with an 80 PLUS certified power supply installed inside use around 15 percent to 25 percent less electricity than other computer.
Both Toughpower QFan and TR2 QFan series are equipped with a patent 140mm silent QFan to reduce the overall noise. The innovative QFan has a unique patent blade shape design and a 360° open frame, effectively minimizing the noise output. Compared with standard fans, QFan’s five-way air intake has not only greatly increased the air flow but also improved the thermal dissipation ability.

Equipped with Double Forward Converter Design and Active Power Factor Correction, Toughpower QFan and TR2 QFan series can reach up to 85 percent efficiency and the power factor will be almost 0.99. Both series comply with Intel ATX 12V and supports NVIDIA & ATI latest graphic cards and Intel & AMD Dual/Quad Core technologies.