Thermaltake innovative and creative M9 computer chassis

The new innovative and creative Thermaltake M9 computer chassis combines functionality and style. When users glance at Thermaltake M9 computer chassis, they will be stunned by its glossy finished, metal meshed styling. The metal meshed front panel keeps great ventilation flow through its entire body, with the help of two 12cm fans and air guide. In addition, there are side windowed version as well that allows up to four 12cm fans to be installed for better ventilation. The internal HDD cage is another great feature of the chassis, it can move freely and install anywhere from top to down as user wish. Therefore user can better organize their key components. The all around tool-free design, reduced user’s installation time.

With its unique design, superb thermal management, spacious compartment, and stylish design finishes, Thermaltake has once again released a superb and fascinating chassis, M9.