Thermaltake iXoft Bag 15”revolutionary fan less design notebook cooling bag

Thermaltake has launched the iXoft notebook cooling pad (utilizing a fan-less solution) integrated into a notebook carrying Bag; iXoft Bag 15”, the most functional notebook bag on the market. Thermaltake iXoft carrying Bags is manufactured with the patent iXoft cooling technology, utilizing unique thermal shifting chemicals to spread heat out evenly across the pad.
The material melts into a gel state when heated and solidify into crystal state when cooled. Without any fans or active mechanics used, iXoft is not only maintenance-free with zero energy consumption, but it generates no noise at all during operation. For anti-shock protection high density memory foam surrounds the carrying bag and can be used as thermal mat on laps for better comfort.

The Thermaltake iXoft Notebook Carrying Bag with exclusive Heat Shift Technology for ultimate notebook cooling uses a sporty red stitching with the stylish black theme and a small rubber Thermaltake logo to fit all those sleek notebook users. It is not only a functional notebook bag but also a part of your personal style! The iXoft Notebook carrying bag measures 390 x 350 x 55mm and weigh 1115g.