Thermaltake Litepower 400W power supply

The Litepower 400W power supply is the first entry-level PC product from Thermaltake reputed for its high-end products. The components included in Litepower 400W are all made by the worldwide leading manufactures. Litepower 400W has one 6pin PCI-E connector which can support Nvidia and ATI high-end graphic cards. It also has two dedicated +12V rails with constant voltage output providing unparalleled reliability and stability. In addition, 2 SATA power connectors and 6 Molex connectors increases the possibility of future hardware upgrades. The 12cm fan with automated thermal control only increases the fan speed when needed and maintains lowest noise level during idle or low power usage status.

Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Current Protection (OCP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP) and No Load Operation Protection are all the standard safety protection features found on each and every one of Thermaltake power supplies. The Thermaltake Litepower 400W power supply measures 14cm x15cm x8.6cm and weighs 1.6 Kg.