Thermaltake M9D PC chassis with dazzling lights for visual enjoyment!

Thermaltake_mixLED.jpgThermaltake PC chassis – M9D comes with more dazzling lights just for your own visual enjoyment! The color shift when you touch button attracts users by its fancy illumination. The innovative design of 23cm Touch color Fan featuring 5 modes color shifting makes PC players’ dreams come true. The well-organized fan cooling system managing CPU, VGA and HDD’s thermal independently, together with 2 120mm Turbofans located in front and back, offering users the optimal system airflow for high efficient ventilation.
The front loaded HDD cage which can be moved freely and installed anywhere from top to down as desired for customized hardware organization.

With M9D’s stylish design, fancy illumination, superior thermal management and spacious compartment, Thermaltake has once again set the new trend for PC chassis, and stood out strongly in the global PC chassis market.