Thermaltake Massive23 Series Notebook Cooler

Thermaltake has launched a new member of their notebook cooling series, the Massive23 series! Equipped with a giant 23 cm quiet LED fan, the Massive23 series is specifically designed for users who spend a lot of time on their notebooks with performance hungry applications such as gaming or graphics processing. The upscale Thermaltak Massive23 CS comes in a premium quality aluminum body and offers a variety of LED color-change functions. The color-change function of the Massive23 CS features 6 different modes. Users can adjust the LED color according to their mood, environment or just turn it off entirely. Those futuristic LED effects create and even more immersive gaming ambience.

On the value end the Thermaltak Massive23 ST still offers a single color LED and a light-weight plastics body.The 23cm silent fan underneath the metal mesh net of hexagonal-vents offers a larger cooling surface with an optimized airflow. Thermaltak Massive23 series notebook cooler provide large cooling surface and sufficient cold air.