Thermaltake NBcool T3000 Fan less notebook PC cooler with Heatpipe Technology

Thermaltake announced the launch of NBcool T3000 Fan less notebook PC cooling pad with Heatpipe Technology. Breakthrough design that incorporates latest Heat pipe Technology along with all aluminum extruded platform to provide ultimate fan less and noiseless cooler. Four embedded heat pipes placed underneath the aluminum body which distributes heat evenly across all available heat dissipation area on the cooler for maximum heat transfer without the need for any moving component such as fan. By eliminating the use of active fans, Thermaltake NBcool T3000 is capable of cooling independently without consuming any power; thus, notebook PC will last longer while staying cooler.

Brushed aluminum finished further enhances the overall elegance of the Thermaltake NBcool T3000 notebook PC cooler. Engineered at an angle that will relieve stress to the wrists while working with notebook PCs, the NBcool T3000 will be the ultimate solution for power notebook PC user world wide. The Thermaltake NBcool T3000 notebook PC cooler measures 320 x 260x 6 mm and weigh 866g.