Thermaltake PW850i Internal DIY Liquid cooling system for worldwide gamers

To fulfill the heavy demand of Internal DIY Liquid cooling system from worldwide gamers Thermaltake has launched a brand new series of DIY liquid cooling system- ProWater series. The first model to be introduced is the new PW850i that incorporated the latest production mechanism and technology of the internal liquid cooling world. The Thermaltake P500 Pump used in PW850i has high water volume of 500L per hour to support the heavy operations of liquid cooling systems; the hard-wearing ceramic bearing further increases the life span of the pump. The professional designed inlet and outlet will eliminates possibilities of air blockage.
Thermaltake PW850i also adopts the automotive style radiator with the Thermaltake exclusive dimple dimpled tubes, DDT technology rather than the traditional ones and the adjustable fan (1300~2400 RPM); CPU heats will be transmitted efficiently in the coordinated system environment. In order to avoid possible low coolant level dangers, level marks have been added on the new huge transparent tank in PW850i, making coolant maintenance and monitoring easier than ever before.

Thermaltake all new PW850i Internal DIY Liquid Cooling System will satisfy all cooling demands in any system environments. Thermaltake PW850i Internal DIY Liquid cooling system will definitely be your best choice for a quiet and efficient liquid cooling system!