Thermaltake silver shining V1 AX next generation CPU cooler

Thermaltake today announced the new release of the silver shining V1 AX, a ultra-high performance next generation CPU cooler with friendly price tag but supporting most mainstream processors (Intel Socket LGA775 and AMD Socket AM2+ / AM2 / K8).Thermaltake V1 AX utilizes the newly developed 4 Channel – Dual-VTM Architecture Heatpipe Cooling, where V shaped aluminum fins are seamlessly attached onto 963mm heatpipes to accelerate heat dissipation. Mirror finished copper base further increases the heat absorption rate to effectively remove heat from processors. Over-sized 110mm fan with all-range variable speed controller allows flexible adjustments on the fan speed according to various system requirements. Open-frame design on the fan further reduces air pulsating noise of most cooler fans, and thus reaching a nearly silent operation condition.

The unique architecture of V1 AX provides multi-directional air intake that absorbs more cool air to achieve better thermal performance. Thermaltake New V1 AX CPU Cooler with the streamlined body designed not only increases airflow through the aluminum fins but also forms a distinctive look that will surely to catch the attention of any PC enthusiasts and overclockers