Thermaltake SlimX -Low-Profile CPU Cooler for low profile mini and HTPC solutions

Thermaltake low profile CPU Cooler-SlimX is especially designed for Home Theater PC users. Since for Home Theater PCs usually small and mini size cases are used, the CPU cooler performance is of utmost importance, it has to come with a very small footprint in order to fit into the case, but at the same time offer sufficient cooling capacity in a silent environment. With the special clip design, the SlimX3 CPU cooler provides multiple choices for both LGA775 and LGA1156 low profile solutions. With PWM functionality the Thermaltake SlimX3 comfortably adjusts the fan speed automatically between 1200RPM and 2400RPM according to the actual CPU load. This ensures a most silent operation at different CPU load levels so users won’t be unnecessarily annoyed by potential fan noise while enjoying their personal entertainment.

The Thermaltake SlimX3 adopts two Φ6 mm Copper heat-pipes with an aluminum fins/base combination to provide a highly effective cooling performance for multimedia oriented CPUs.Through the heat-pipe design better heat conductivity is achieved to accelerate heat dissipation. With its slim design with a total height of only 36 mm the Thermaltake SlimX3 is optimized and ideal for use in most mini cases