Thermaltake Soprano Aluminum Keyboard

The Thermaltake Soprano aluminum keyboard follows ergonomic design, when typing on the keyboard, the hand naturally fits to the keyboard. The keys themselves are shaped to form to the finger. The Scissor foot design underneath the keys provides a comfortable feel when keys are pressed. This design not serves as a comfort feature but also extends the life of keyboards. The overall weight has also been considered, providing structural integrity for a longer lasting keyboard. The keyboard features hotkey buttons of web browsing, e-mail, volume control, search, and my favorites on upper left corner for convenience. Thermaltake has created the all new Soprano keyboard bringing cool to the touch as the concept in design.

The Soprano aluminum keyboard uses brushing and polishing process to emphasize the aerodynamic and elegant feel. Each piece is constructed with stringent standards for the highest quality. The USB Thermaltake Soprano keyboard available in white and black color measures 425mm x203mm x 26mm and weigh 1245g.