Thermaltake Taichi 17” Wide-Screen Notebook Cooler

The demands for notebook computers are rising above and major notebook computer manufacturers are pushing hard to release faster, cheaper, and bigger laptops for the public. As big, powerful, multimedia rich 17” notebook computers consumes more power and generate more heat customers find it difficult to find a cooling solution for their notebook computer. Thermaltake Technology specialist in solving overheating issues has launched high performance 17” Wide-Screen Notebook Cooler-Thermaltake Taichi M+ A2420 to solve the problem. The Thermaltake Taichi M+ A2420 is constructed of all-aluminum, intricately finished, and protects the valued laptop through two 70mm fans spinning at only 1,000RPM. The peace of mind that the Tai-Chi M+ gives through its coolness and quietness is simply invaluable. The unit is powered through USB hubs so that you do not need to carry a power adaptor at all times. The crescent-moon design of the Tai-Chi M+ and the easy-folding mechanism will allow you to store the Tai-Chi M+ anywhere in your office, saving valuable office space.

The ergonomics of the Taichi M+ A2420 has been well-designed to protect your wrist during an extended amount of typing. The 17” Wide-Screen Notebook Cooler-Thermaltake Taichi M+ A2420 measures 400 x 330 x 35 mm and weighs1530 g.