Thermaltake Toughpower Slim 95W-Universal laptop and mobile device adapter

With its ultra slim size and lightweight, the Thermaltake universal laptop and mobile device adapter Toughpower Slim 95W (with up to 120W peak) dramatically saves space and easily travels along. The power adapter includes nine exchangeable color-coded DC output tips to support most brand name laptop computers. The additional built-in USB power port makes it conveniently easy to charge any USB compatible device (such as mobile phone, PDA, iPod, and more) that draw electricity via the USB port. With the Thermaltake Toughpower Ultra Slim 95W you can even use a laptop and USB device simultaneously.

The Thermaltake Toughpower Ultra Slim 95W comes with a stylish carry bag to protect the adapter and all the accessories. The Toughpower Ultra Slim 95W adapter with built-In Over Current, Over Voltage, Over Temperature, and Short-Circuit protection to prevent damage is available for approximately $59.99.