Thermaltake XaserVI LCS & Armor+ LCS- World first pre-installed liquid cooling system chassis with 10 PCI slots

With Thermaltake’s latest XaserVI LCS & Armor+ LCS super tower chassis enhanced with liquid-cooling capability, you’ll never need to worry about system over-heating anymore! Thermaltake XaserVI LCS & Armor+ LCS has a pre-installed liquid cooling system occupying three 5.25 drive bay at the front. With the LCS per-installed in the chassis, only 5 simple steps will be needed to complete their LCS system installation. Thermaltake has strategically placed the radiator, pump and reservoir in the drive bay unit to achieve maximum thermal performance with extreme space saving. . XaserVI LCS & Armor+ LCS is world first chassis to implant 10 PCI slots, benefiting users who have 3 to 4 graphic cards platform demands.

Thermaltake has bravely implanted many features in these new XaserVI and Armor+ case series that no others had ever done before. The revolutionary features includes: 10 PCI slots, 14 drive bays, adjustable PSU supporting bridge and specially enhanced LCS on three 5.25 drive bay! Thermaltake XaserVI LCS & Armor+ LCS with its modern design and innovative structure will definitely honor all owners as the trendsetters of PC industry!