Thermaltake XaserVI Mx- The Legend Continues in Middle Tower Form!

To fulfill middle tower demands, Thermaltake has released XaserVI’s twin brother; XaserVI Mx. Thermaltake XaserVI Mx is the minification of XaserVI, smaller sized but still with great features with streamline looks and sleek feel. Although with minimized size; it’s still extremely user-friendly. XaserXI has got the complete body metal grilled with well organized fan cooling system managing CPU, VGA and HDD thermal independently, achieving optimized system airflow.

With the tool-less 5.25”, 3.5” devices and PCI slot installation, users can further minimize their installation time. Thermaltake XaserVI Mx is a state-of-art combining with many impressive new features. For those who seek to build a medium sized system with high thermal performance chassis, XaserVI Mx is undoubtedly your best choice