Thermaltake【Dr. Power II】Universal Digital Power Supply Tester- indispensible tool for PC enthusiasts and gamers alike

The New Thermaltake Dr. Power II, Universal Digital Power Supply Tester for DIY enthusiast and PC gamers with a builder-friendly philosophy enables to test and diagnose the power supply’s condition before damage occurs. The Dr. Power II,Universal Digital Power Supply Tester supports every ATX power supply available today up to ATX12V v2.3 and is also able to test every power supply output connector (SATA, PCI-Express, peripheral, Floppy and CPU connector) easily and accurately at the same time. Using an audible alarm system, the users will hear a beeping sound and the LCD will change from blue to red backlight or even no lights for critical checks.

Other impressive features of the new Universal Digital Power Supply Tester included oversized LCD panel that accurately shows the value of each specific power rails and sets the latest standard in fast, easy and accurate PSU Tester. With its manual/auto comprehensive testing flexibility, the (Dr. Power II)Universal Digital Power Supply Tester is a perfect addition for checking the health of your ATX power supplies. The new Thermaltake Dr. Power II, Universal Digital Power Supply Tester is now available from Thermaltake-uthorized retailers worldwide in August, 2011.