Toshiba Announces MN07 Series 12TB and 14TB 3.5-inch Hard Drives for NAS Platform OEMs

Toshiba today announced the MN07 Series 12TB and 14TB 3.5-inch hard disk drives for use in NAS platforms. The Toshiba MN07 Series utilizes Toshiba’s exclusive 9-disk, helium-sealed mechanical design to achieve the massive 14TB and 12TB capacity. The 14TB model improves power efficiency by approximately 55 percent (W/GB3) over the previous 10TB “air” 7,200rpm mechanical designs. The Toshiba MN07 Series is designed for use in NAS appliances with eight or more drive bays and is suitable for NAS file and object storage applications that require disk drives with workload ratings of up to 180TB per year.

The MN07 models feature vibration compensation technology and advanced Format (AF) 512e sector technology. Additionally, both devices offer 24/7 operability, superior reliability with MTTF5 of 1.0 Million hours, and are compatible with popular 3rd-party, 3.5-inch NAS enclosures. Toshiba MN07 Series models include RV compensation technology for optimal performance in multi-disk NAS enclosures and are designed for robust 24/7 operation up to 300,000 load/unload cycles.” The MN07 series sample shipment will start today.

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