Toshiba 32GB TransMemory USB Flash Memory

Toshiba has expanded its TransMemory family of USB flash memory devices including Windows ReadyBoost for use with Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. The TransMemory U2K Series includes Windows ReadyBoost functionality that enables users to boost system responsiveness of PCs running Vista by using USB memory as external memory. The Windows Vista operating system allows qualifying USB flash drives enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost to provide additional system memory, thus making PCs more responsive.

The new Toshiba TransMemory U2K Series USB flash drives will initially be available in capacities from 1GB to 8GB in October, with a 32GB version planned by year-end. The 8GB U2K-008GT will cost approximately 24,000 Yen ($200) and 32GB U2G-032GT for approximately 80,000 Yen ($665).