Toshiba announces world’s first 32nm process NAND flash memory

Toshiba will start shipping NAND flash memory products fabricated with world’s first 32nm process technology. Samples of the world’s first 32nm generation, 32-gigabit single chips (4 gigabytes (GB)), offering the largest density of any NAND flash chip, are available from today, and 16Gb chip (2GB) products, the current mainstream density, will be available in July in Japan. The 32 Gb chips will first be applied to memory cards and USB memories and subsequently extended to embedded products.

Toshiba will start mass production of 32 Gb NAND flash memories in July 2009, two months ahead of its original plan. 16 Gb products will start to ship from the third quarter of FY2009 (October to December 2009). The new chips will be produced at Toshiba’s Yokkaichi Operations, in Mie prefecture, Japan.