Toshiba dynabook SS RX series feature a 128-Gbyte SSD using multi-valued NAND flash memory

Toshiba_128GB.jpgToshiba RX1/TAE, RX1/W9E, SE120E/2W and TE120E/2W models feature a 128-Gbyte SSD and have a storage capacity twice as large as that of previous models, through the use of Toshiba’s SSD, which employs multi-valued NAND flash memory. Keeping the size of the SSD almost unchanged from the previous model, it succeeded in maintaining the product series’ characteristic lightness and slimness, Toshiba said. When using the 5800 model battery pack, both the Toshiba RX1/TAE and RX1/W9E can operate up to 12.5 hours. This is currently the longest battery life for notebook PCs. The Toshiba RX1/TAE employs a 12.1-inch wide half-transmissive LCD panel, while the RX1/W9E uses a 12.1-inch half-transmissive LCD panel. Their microprocessor is Intel Corp’s 1.20GHz “Core 2 Duo U7600” and chipset is also Intel’s “Mobile Intel 945GMS Express Chipset.” They have RGB, LAN, USB 2.0, iLINK and other interfaces.

The Toshiba RX1/TAE weighs 863g including the 2900 model battery pack or 983g with the 5800 model battery pack, which provides for longer battery life. The RX1/W9E also weighs 983g including the 5800 model battery pack. The thinnest part of both models is 19.5mm, while the thickest part is 25.5mm. They are 2,830mm wide and 215.8mm deep. The Toshiba RX1/W9E will go on sale March 25, 2008, whereas the RX1/TAE and the SE120E/2W and TE120E/2W business models will be released in mid April.