Toshiba Makes Full-scale Entry into Environmentally Conscious Modular Data Center Business

Toshiba made a full-scale entry into the space-saving and environmentally conscious modular data center business, enhancing its data center business in expectation of rapid market growth in the near future. Toshiba completed an experimental demonstration facility at its Fuchu Complex in western Tokyo, as the first step in its entry into the Japanese market for modular data centers. The distinctive strength of Toshiba’s modular data centers is that they can be installed with a shorter lead time and at a lower cost than an equivalent data center housed in a dedicated building.

The demonstration facility completed today was set up in approximately three months, and draws on the diverse capabilities of Toshiba Group to reduce environmental burdens and to support the following key features. Toshiba will also promote energetic marketing activities in the global market, with the intent of taking the business to the worldwide level.