Transcend 2GB DDR2-800 FB-DIMM for Mac Pro

Transcend 2GB DDR2-800 fully-Buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM) is designed specifically for Apple’s high-end Mac Pro system. The Mac Pro is based on the powerful Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5400 platform, and has a total of eight FB-DIMM memory slots, of which only two are used in standard configuration (2 x 1GB FB-DIMMs). Transcend’s 2GB FB-DIMM gives Mac Pro users the option to fully populate all eight slots for a total of capacity of 16GB. With the Mac Pro’s efficient memory architecture that supports four simultaneous memory channels, Transcend’s 800MHz frequency FB-DIMM delivers amazing bandwidth, allowing transfer rates up to 25GB per second.

The Transcend 2GB DDR2-800 FB-DIMM for Mac Pro is also equipped with a high-performance Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB) and Error Correction Code (ECC), which monitors the data that gets transferred in and out of memory and performs real-time correction of any errors found. Transcend’s 2GB DDR2-800 FB-DIMM for Apple Mac Pro also offers superior heat diffusion characteristics which greatly increases reliability and lowers system temperatures.