Transcend 4GB 44-pin IDE Flash Memory

Transcend Information, Inc, increased the capacity of its existing 44-pin IFM (IDE Flash Module) to 4GB, the highest capacity of any 44-pin IDE Flash Memory Module in the world. Transcend’s IDE Flash Memory Module is small, just 52.0mm x 29.5mm x 6.9mm (plastic case included in package), and has a strong data retention ability. The 44-pin IDE Flash Memory Modules are ideal for use in harsh environments where PCs, Set-Top Boxes, and other industrial machines are used. Transcend’s IFM supports built-in ECC (Error Code Correcting) function, Auto Sleep and Power Down modes, which make it a fast, reliable, and energy-saving storage device for critical applications.

Certain types of computing devices, or specialist data devices, use a 44-pin IDE interface for data transfers and storage. This type of computing equipment calls for a reliable device with a small form factor and high-quality data retention.