Transcend aXeRam DDR3 Extreme Performance Memory

Take your computer’s performance to the next level with Transcend’s aXeRam™DDR3 Extreme Performance memory. Transcend’s DDR3 aXeRam dual-channel kits include a matching pair of speed-tested and verified modules that provide enormous memory bandwidth. Transcend’s aXeRam DDR3 modules also support new Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) technology.

Transcend’s aXeRam DDR3 dual-channel kits are designed specifically for hard-core gamers using only top-binned, premium quality DRAM chips and custom high-purity aluminum heat sinks with cooling fins to deliver amazing high-speed overclocking performance while maintaining cool temperatures and rock-solid system stability. Transcend aXeRam Extreme Performance DDR3 memory modules are now available in high speed DDR3-1800 2GB/4GB kits and DDR3-1600 2GB kits.