Transcend 4GB JetFlash V90 Pizazz USB Flash Drive

Transcend ultra-compact USB flash drive, the 4GB JetFlash V90 Pizazz (V90P). With its 4GB memory capacity, stylish metal body and golden faceplate with intricately embossed checkered pattern, the Transcend V90P is truly a fashionable piece of technology. Each JetFlash V90P comes with an attractive metal carrying chain, making it a perfect addition to any wallet or purse. Despite its miniscule size, the V90P has up to 4GB of storage space so users can easily transfer, store, and share important files and data.

Measuring just 33.8 mm long by 13.1 mm wide and only 4.8 mm thick, the JetFlash V90P is designed for business travelers and people who need an elegant way to carry data effortlessly while on the move. In fact, the V90P is so small that it is easy to forget its abundant 4GB storage capacity.