Transcend JetFlash V90C 4GB Keychain Flash Drive

Transcend announced its latest trendy USB flash drive, the fashionable JetFlash V90 “Classic” keychain USB flash drive. A perfect addition to any set of keys, wallet or purse, the Transcend V90C features a distinctive metallic swirl pattern that appears to move when light catches it at different angles. Although delicate in appearance, this miniature flash drive’s shiny metal casing offers solid protection for your valuable data hiding inside.

Although it boasts a huge 4GB of memory for storing thousands of files, Transcend JetFlash V90C measures only 33.8 mm long by 13.1 mm wide, and is just 4.5 mm thick. Incredibly tiny and lightweight (7g), the sleek JetFlash V90C is designed for business travelers and people who need to carry data effortlessly while on the move. It is so small that you may even forget that you are carrying a large capacity 4GB flash drive with you.