Transcend USB 2.0 Flash Drive JetFlash V90

Transcend today introduced a refined USB 2.0 Flash Drive, the JetFlash V90 with a capacity of 2GB. Inspired by fashion accessories, the stylish metal body with genuine mother-of-pearl makes Transcend’s JetFlash V90 a trendy device. The JetFlash V90 is truly a combination of fashion and technology because it not only looks great but also performs brilliantly. Transcend’s JetFlash V90 comes bundled with the useful JetFlash elite software package, which is developed to help you manage data and increase productivity. The JetFlash elite include eight functions: AutoLogin, PC-Lock, Favorites, Secret-Zip, E-mail, DataBackup, My JetFlash, and Online update. The JetFlash V90 is engineered using top quality components to ensure better performance and a longer lifespan, and is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Transcend JetFlash V90 comes with a long and a short chain, thus it can be worn around the neck, hooked to a key ring, or even stored in a wallet. The JetFlash V90 measures only 33.9 mm long, 13.2 mm wide, and is 4.8 mm thick. Incredibly tiny and lightweight (8g), the sleek JetFlash V90 is designed for business travelers and people who carry data while on the move.