VIA and Wishtel Crack the India Tablet Code with Worlds First Indian Language Tablets

VIA today announced that the WonderMedia PRIZM WM8650 ARM SoC has been adopted by Wishtel in the world’s first tablet computer to feature support for native Indian languages. Designed and manufactured in India, the Wishtel IRA and IRA Thing will enable Indian users to enjoy a rich computing, entertainment, and internet experience in their own native language such as Hindi, for the first time, and combine advanced multimedia, connectivity, and computing capabilities with a rich feature set in a sleek, light, yet highly durable device. The tablets also come with a rich set of personal productivity, social media, communications, and entertainment apps, making them ideal solutions for a wide variety of home, educational, and corporate uses.

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These include an innovative eBook reader app that will allow users to enjoy eBooks in Hindi and other Indian languages on their device, as well as a growing range of course content for ICSE, CBSE and state boards plus engineering, medical, and other higher education offerings. Powered by the VIA WonderMedia PRIZM WM8650 SoC, the tablets are available at prices between INR 4,000 (US$80 approx) to INR 5,500 (US$110 approx) through over 350 distribution and support centers throughout India.

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