VIA 1-Watt Processor World’s Most Power Efficient x86 CPU

VIA today announced a 500MHz addition to the VIA Eden ultra low voltage (ULV) processor family. Based on the VIA CoolStream Architecture, the 500MHz VIA Eden ULV processor is manufactured using an advanced 90nm process, which enables speeds of up to 500MHz with ultra low power consumption of 1W peak power and as low as 100mW (0.1W) idle power. Within the ultra compact 21mm x 21mm NanoBGA2 package, the VIA Eden ULV processor enables the x86 platform to squeeze into a smaller, lighter chassis than ever before.Aware of the increasing need for security in embedded applications, the 500MHz VIA Eden ULV integrates the world’s fastest x86 security system: the VIA PadLock Security Engine, which features the world’s most comprehensive set of security tools to enable real-time military-grade encryption of data.

The new VIA processor can be combined with the ultra compact VIA CX700/M system media processor, an advanced all-in-one digital media chipset with a maximum operating power of just 3.5 watts, supporting a wide range of multimedia, connectivity and storage options and enabling system platforms with a maximum power of less than 10 watts. The 500MHz VIA Eden ULV processor, along with several customer boards, will be showcased at the Embedded System Conference Taiwan, held on 23-24 August 2007 in Taipei.