VIA Announces Broadest Chipset Support for Microsoft Windows Vista

Via.jpgVIA Technologies, today confirmed the most comprehensive and flexible range of core logic solutions for Windows Vista-based systems across all the major processor platforms for motherboard, PC, server and device manufacturers. Five of VIA’s leading edge IGP chipsets have received the Windows Vista Basic logo from Microsoft: the VIA K8M890 and the VIA P4M900 for the latest mainstream AMD and Intel desktops respectively, the VIA K8N890 for AMD processor-powered notebooks, the upcoming VIA CN896 for VIA C7 processor desktop and embedded systems, and the brand new VIA VN896 mobile chipset for VIA C7-M and Intel Pentium M processors. All these PCI Express chipsets feature the latest VIA Chrome9 integrated 2D/3D graphics processor supporting DirectX 9.0 and the Chromotion CE video display engine.

The certification of these chipsets ensures that VIA customers can build desktops, laptops and ultra mobile devices with confidence that they are ready for the highly anticipated new Vista operating system. The testing involved in the certification process guarantees a reliable and trouble free installation and usage of the Ultimate, Enterprise, Business, Home Premium and Home Basic editions of Microsoft Windows Vista.