VIA Nano-ITX Mainboard for Healthcare, Retail and Industrial Applications

VIA Technologies, Inc, today announced the VIA EPIA NR Nano-ITX mainboard for ultra compact, quiet and durable embedded systems. The VIA EPIA NR Nano-ITX mainboard is powered by the 1GHz VIA C7 processor, enabling convection cooled systems in locations where noiseless or dust-free systems are essential, yet providing desktop performance with a maximum CPU TDP of just 9 watts and average operating power of well below 1 watt. Coupled with up to 1GB of power efficient DDR2 533 system memory the VIA EPIA NR main board operates at an average of below 15.5 watts for regular applications.

Storage includes 1 UDMA 40-pin header and 2 Serial ATA connectors, as well as a Compact Flash slot for solid state memory. Native LVDS support is extended to offer two single or one dual channel LVDS panels, eliminating the need for a daughterboard and enabling greater display flexibility for industrial control, healthcare, retail and other applications. Pre-release samples of the VIA EPIA NR mainboard measuring 12cm x 12cm, are available to project based customers immediately.