Vigor Atlantis PRO 20″ laptop delivers ultra-high performance in games

Vigor Gaming Computer which provides the ultimate adventurous and thrilling gaming experience to its customers has launched the Atlantis the most sophisticated and powerful notebook ever. Powered by dual Nvidia GeforceGO 7950 GTX graphics cards with discrete 1GB DDR-3 video memory employing SLI Technology, the Atlantis delivers ultra-high performance in games and brings stunning, high-definition, superb picture clarity. Depending on the application, Nvidia SLI Technology can deliver as much as twice the performance of a single GPU. The Atlantis Classic, in many ways the very definition of a desktop replacement, features desktop-class Core 2 Duo processors from Intel for uncompromised performance.

The Vigor Atlantis PRO sports a massive 20″ WSXGA+ (1680×1050) TFT panel, while the Atlantis Classic features an equally-impressive 17″ WUXGA (1920×1200) display. The Atlantis PRO also sports the innovative AMD Turion X2 64 mobile technologies designed to deliver leading-edge 32-bit performance today with the capability to run tomorrow’s 64-bit applications. For those who demand uncompromised performance and desire adrenaline thrills, there’s only one choice for a notebook: the unparalleled Vigor Atlantis. The Vigor Atlantis PRO’s base price is $2,799.