WD launches My Passport Edge Portable Hard Drives for PC and Mac

WD today introduced its newest version of My Passport line of portable hard drives for PC and Mac with the debut of My Passport Edge. The My Passport Edge and My Passport Edge for Mac feature 500 GB of storage and a USB 3.0 interface for fast read/write speeds. The My Passport Edge (PC-version) portable hard drive incorporates WD SmartWare continuous and automatic backup software to create a copy of users’ computers’ content to ensure personal digital files are backed-up and protected in the event of computer loss or theft. For a sleek look, the My Passport Edge was also re-engineered with a new design for a premium finish.

The My Passport Edge for Mac portable hard drive complements popular MacBook computers and MacBook Air computer designs with an all-aluminum exterior to protect the drive and its contents from everyday bumps. The My Passport Edge for Mac is also compatible with Apple Time Machine for added peace-of-mind and seamless operation out of the box with one’s Mac computer. My Passport Edge is available for approximately $109.99 and $119.99 for the My Passport Edge for Mac portable hard drives.

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