Windows Vista Ready Fujitsu HandyDrive

handy200.jpgThe new Fujitsu HandyDrive is an external, pocket-sized HDD of 5,400rpm and is designed to easily expand the storage capacity of your PC, or to backup your files, MP3 songs, images etc or to transfer data between computers. It is powered from the USB port and when there is insufficient power, the HandyDrive can be powered by the AC Adaptor also. The Fujitsu HandyDrive comes in a range of capacities from 80GB (FPHD2080) 100GB (FPHD2100) and120GB (FPHD2120).The HandyDrive measures 79.5×131×16.3mm and weighs approximately 200g.

Available from mid March, the Fujitsu HandyDrive 80GB-FPHD2080 costs approximately 12,000 Yen ($100), 100GB- FPHD2100 for approximately 16,000 Yen ($133) and 120GB- FPHD2120 for approximately 18,000 Yen ($150).