Windows Vista-ready chipset SiS671FX used in NEC L1030 Desktop PC

Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) announced that the advanced Windows Vista-ready chipset — SiS671FX has been adopted by NEC Computers Asia Pacific for the latest NEC Desktop PC L1030. Using the SiS671FX chipset as the core of the system, the NEC L1030 desktop PC supports Intel Conroe CPU up to FSB1066MHz, and DDR2-667/533 memory up to 4GB. The built-in SiS Mirage 3 graphics engine enables the NEC L1030 PC to fully release the great potential of Windows Vista, and deliver amazing animation or gaming performance. In addition, the SiS671FX equips a PCI Express x 16 slot with up to 4GB/s transmission bandwidth for an extra add-on high-end graphics card, which can present more exquisite graphics output.

The NEC L1030 PC features the SiS968 Southbridge chipset which provides 8 USB2.0 ports for possible connections with various peripherals. Moreover, the SiS968 provides the support to 6 Channels High-Definition Audio and digital Dolby sound effect; and the SiS968 has built-in 10/100Mbps Ethernet controller for Internet usage.

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