Yamaha wants concept models 05GEN and 06GEN to be forms of mobility that create connections, linking people with people

Yamaha announced today the development of new generation design concept models 05GEN and 06GEN, based on the design philosophy Refined Dynamism. Yamaha wants want the 05GEN and 06GEN to be forms of mobility that create connections, linking people and places, and people with people. 05GEN is a new type of three wheel electrically power-assisted mobility vehicle and is created based on the concept of it fitting comfortably around rider like clothing. With a user-friendly design that blends in well with the surrounding environment, the 05GEN offers personal mobility that fits perfectly into daily life and encourages new encounters.

Yamaha_0506gen__coverThe 05GEN’s compact body evokes the same feeling of size as walking under an umbrella and the sweeping roof is open to the sides and rear. These elements reduce the feeling of distance between the rider and people nearby, making it easier to strike up a conversation. The 3-wheeled Yamaha 05GEN’s features include a leaning mechanism that makes tighter turns easier, a small storage compartment, electric power-assist for lighter pedaling and a roof that protects the rider from light rain and the sun.
Yamaha_concept_06GENYamaha 06GEN is an electric four-wheel mobility vehicle designed to evoke indeterminate spaces, which are neither truly indoors nor outdoors, such as the Japanese-style “Engawa” veranda. Using materials that have a look and feel reminiscent of a living room for the sofa-like seats and the floor and employing a seat layout only possible with a low-speed vehicle like this, the 06GEN brings added enrichment to time spent on the move and naturally encourages people to connect.
0506gen_gen06Yamaha 06GEN’s design makes abundant use of curved surfaces and corners for a softer appearance and few barriers between the inside and outside for an open ambience. This makes the 06GEN a familiar, inviting and people-friendly vehicle that not only blends in well with the environment but also naturally encourages conversations with passers-by.

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